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Dec 10, 2013 8:00am EST
camp? >> i think the government doesn't harm to our economy. continuing resolutions, increases in debt ceilings, they create force action to deal with the long-term issues. what i would say is, we have the budget control act, i hope the ryan and congressman senator murray cannot come up with a good deal, i hope they pass a clean, continuing resolution. ,emocrat senators voted for it president obama signed it. i do not want to shut down the government. >> thank you for joining us. ron johnson of the wisconsin. we have more great guest ahead. we are going to be talking to and how it ismens dealing with the uncertainties in washington. our dentures in bitcoin. yesterday, matt miller bought a coin. we will show you what he has been buying with it. >> he stiffed me yesterday on lunch. >> we will tell you what he bought. ♪ >> you are watching "in the loop." step,t, the fed's next is big industrial company overhauling its operations, cutting 15,000 jobs, restructuring and selling units. a new ceo took over. siemens largest market, 52,000 people in the u.s.. joining us is aaron spiegel.
Dec 9, 2013 8:00am EST
in the u.k. and france. germany was slightly negative. they are the strongest economy in the eu. down in asia-pacific were two percent, mostly because of japan. they sell their largest decline since february. long return analysts are destructive on mcdonald's. they see international development and product opportunity -- get what you want whenever you want it. as we're seeing with same-store sales, particularly in the u.s. and asia, it is a long battle for the company. they do not have explosive growth that we expect from names like chipotle. >> we have some breaking news about another for -- food merger. sysco will buy u.s. foods. they will be buying u.s. foods for $3.5 billion. getting back to what alix steel was saying about mcdonald's, we have this point that they are on every corner in the united states. people are looking at alternatives to get their food. we talked to the ceo of mcdonald's and this is what he said about the saturation question. >> i would tell you that we're nowhere near saturation. i wish we were on every corner. we are not on every corner yet. we have a lot o
Dec 6, 2013 8:00am EST
forecast is for 185,000 new jobs created by the economy, 180,000 of them private, but the whisper number on the street is stronger -- over 200,000. the number, we had a big surprise -- remember, we had a big surprise last month and everyone expected a disaster. the adp payrolls number came in over 200,000, and that surprised people. factor in revisions, and we could see 50,000 or 60,000 additional jobs added. bettingld have people on the fed starting to buy what buys in bonds.-- cars. rates on homes and the fed surprises by not tapering after the weak job report in september. talked back oner the table. >> doesn't the fed have a target for the unemployment rate? >> yes, and no. ring does notape -- tightening. then implement number does not mean as much because it was distorted by the government shutdown. it will come down, but it will not be a factor for the fed air it said officials have told me -- that. -- said. fed officials have told me it will not be dependent. fourth-quarter gdp is tracking much lower, around 1%. they want evidence we will not see a fallback in job creation. we do
Dec 5, 2013 8:00am EST
economy. initial jobless claims and personal consumption on deck. we have a jobs report tomorrow. michael mckee has the real deal on the numbers. data, two other central banks have their decisions -- no change on the ecb or the bank of england. >> but it does tell us something. there are implications for both of the banks in making no decisions. the bank of england, their economy is picking up and the government raise their economic nexth forecast to 2.4% year. should that push up inflation, they have a problem. they are already at 2.6%. by doing nothing, the bank of england tells us they do not think inflation will be a problem. across the channel, to the ecb, their problem is inflation is too low. it was at 0.9% in october. their decision says they are staying put and they do not need to take additional action as it did last time with a cut in interest rates, so they are on hold, but we will watch what mario draghi says. they're expected to put out new forecast for the next two years and their first look at 2015, and people will try to extrapolate where they think the economy is going a
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4